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radiator replacement musing...

I am very nearly halfway done with my radiator
replacement ('84 5kS), as it's all out and there's
just one awfully seized screw left which I need to
finish cutting off to free the cooling fan from the old
rad (it *can't* do without one of the lower mounting
screws, can it?)

Now, both radiators' temp sensors have the same
3-position plug, but the old one has only 2 pins
installed, with 2 corresponding wires from the harness
plugged into it. The 'new' rad has all 3 pins, and a three-pin
connector with a 3-wire shred of harness hanging from it.
Should I just use those 2-of-3 pins on the new sensor
that the old one has, or is it necessary to use the old sensor,
or is there some other wiring possibility?


trivia: -what is the Audi Fox? (i.e. equiv. Euro model?)
- I noticed on a picture of a typ44 Avant that it had no ridge 
across the tail lights. Is that normal for some models/years?
- As I'll never fix the A/C on this car anyway (when looking
for the bottom mounting nut, I found one A/C hose bent, kinked,
*and* torn off at one end :), is there any reason why removing
the A/C radiator would result in anything besides improved
engine cooling?
- did anybody ever figure out why/how(/whether?)  the 100/200 
in "The Living Daylights" had later-type fender flares?