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Re: 84 4ksq Dash Warning Lights

In message <37D6088D.61141473@mediaone.net> Huw Powell writes:

> > I noticed a problem the other night and it just occurred again this
> > evening.  While driving home, i noticed that the OXS, Parking brake, and
> > battery warning lights were glowing dimly while driving and got brighter
> > as i accelerated, but not to full brightness as when the car is first
> > started.  Also, when I take a hard corner, the temp light goes on just a
> > second and then goes off.  When the car is at idle, none of the lights
> > are lit.  It's just when driving and accelerating.  What could this be?

Low brightness glowing when not lit is a ground problem.

The temp light flashing is a low coolant warning.  Unscrew the reservoir
and fill the system with the reservoir held a few inches higher than
normal and the heater set to 'warm'.  If there's a bleed screw on top
of the radiator, open it.  Be careful when retightening - it's easy to
strip.  Helps if the car is facing slightly uphill.  Even better on

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