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Re: Valve C. Studs

In message <37D607FD.BEA5C0DA@mediaone.net> Huw Powell writes:

> 1.  I still don't understand the problem (what are these "different"
> gaskets and cam cover studs all about???)

E.g., on the ur-quattro:

026 103 400A (stud with shoulder) was used until K-000-030 when it was
replaced by N 044 433 1 (stud without shoulder).  The gasket kit part
number changed from 034 198 025D to 034 198 025C at the same point -
the cam cover gasket is different according to whether a shoulder is
expected on the stud or not.  Audi also now seem to have gone over
exclusively to neoprene cam cover gaskets that have brass inserts to
fit over the studs.  It doesn't really matter which you have, as long
as they match.

This creates the same problem that the 'super-torque' (142-tooth) belt
change causes - Audi have keyed off the VIN number rather than the
engine number.

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