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SUV's ???

I think Jenny summed it up pretty well. It really depends on the
responsiblity of the driver. I used to have a Chevy Blazer as a demo
when I sold them in the mid-80's before a SUV became a symbol of status.
It was a great vehicle. I could go anywhere with it, carry whatever I
needed ( and then some) and the gas was decent too. But I still remember
telling the customers that bought them that they weren't made to go
flying around corners. Is it just me or does anyone else remember
growing up and being told to take it easy in the Jeep ( or similer
vehicle) because they are top heavy and prone to flip. Didn't Consumer
Reports lambaste some companies recently for their "unstable" SUV's.
Irregardless it boils down to driving with common sense, which is not
too common it seems. Sure they may be able to go a lot of places but I
guarantee I will be able to go more in my other car, an 88 Ford Festiva.
The only thing that stops that is if the snow is over the bumper. Gas
mileage it super (42 mpg/hwy) and longevity, 207K miles and still going.
But alas it doesn't have the "class" associated with it (let alone a
place for a fifth person). When I sold Porsche/Audi one of the main
selling points to present to the customer was that he wasn't buying one
of the best engineered cars around. He was buying the "Lifestyle". So it
is with the SUV's. But they have to remember if you can't handle it,
Don't get behind the wheel
Mike W