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Thoughts on Blow-off valve(s)

Hi, all. 
The following just came to mind:
I will define a blow-off valve as a recirculating valve.
If a blow-off valve is good for keeping the turbo spinning during shifting etc. - Will two in parallel be better ? - i mean , looking at pictures, it doesn't seem that the tubing is that big, and as such it must be obstructing flow ....
If one or two BOVs is used it will , slamming the throttle shut, apply full boost pressure to the turbo intake side, and thus keep the turbo spinning a bit longer.
BUT- it will also make pressure on the intake side go from below 1bar to 1.5bar or more within less than a second.
-Won't that result in the FI-metering plate being slammed backwards and giving way for the excess-air just as if there was a back-fire ?
And if that's the case, -won't some of the BOV benefits be lost ?

Just some thoughts. Comments welcome !
Kenn Thyrsted
'87 200(T)QW