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re: more idiots on the road

Last saturday, driving down 128 outside Boston, I was in the right hand lane 
nearing my exit, doing about 65 (the other 3 lanes moving faster, and full of 
A cop had pulled over a late 80's Honda civic with a couple young girls in it 
several hundred yards before my exit...as I approach them, the civic throws 
on the turn signal, and immediately pulls out about 10 or so car lengths 
ahead of me.  Lets see, the honda probably does 0-65 mph (my speed) in about 
12 seconds, i.e., can't be done in about 10 car lengths.  As usual, nobody 
behind me in my lane, so I get to test out both the UFOs and the horn, 
wishing the cop would follow and pull them over once again...Fortunately, the 
brakes work well.  Hope their upholstery is scotch-guarded...
Perhaps they didn't see my big pearl white Audi? Didn't want to wait the 3 
seconds for a clear lane?  Or perhaps they just couldn't afford that SUV 
quite yet...