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Re: SUV bashing...my other car is a...

Troopers = VERY TIPPY

While I was at Laguna Seca my Mother rolled her tropper on the I90 floating
bridge trying to avoid an accident in front of her, she is okay, sore, but
the trooper is DOA.

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> On Wed, 8 Sep 1999, Brendan/Coolian wrote:
> > >1) It's an 84 with a 4 cylinder engine.  I can't really drive fast
> >
> > Wow, now THAT must be something to witness...How can a car so large be
> > allowed to have an engine so small?
> Cause if they get going too fast, they tip over.  Heh... sorry, but for
> those not in the know, it was very 60Minutes-like against the Trooper or
> Trooper II -- they claimed it was very "tippy".
> Mark
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