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Re: SUV bashing...my other car is a...

> I know what you all are saying.  I think all SUV drivers should be made to
> safety courses.  They are far more challenging to drive than your average

Well said Jenny!  I too have another car that is an SUV.  My wife drives it
and  leaves for work at 3:30am (that's right, in the morning) before even
the plow trucks here in Michigan are awake.  I would hesitate to send her
out in the 4kq as it is an old car, and not even the cops are on the
xpressway that early.  Besides, the SUV comes standard with roadside
assistance, so if she has a problem, she doesn't have to wake me up!  Well,
at least not the first call (yep, from her cell phone).
Before the bashing begins, both my wife and I are regular attendees of the
Quattro Clubs' driving schools.  So, we may not be professional drivers, but
we have learned a bit more than the average SUV joe.
Not everyone out there in an SUV is a moron!

'62 MGA
'86 4kcsq
'98 GMC Envoy
'00 Saturn LS2 (company car)
'87 Honda Accord (kids car)