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Fw: Ur-q front head restraint removal

Thanks Bob, and also Huw & Jim Haseltine.
The headrests are off and the rear seatback is out.

Thanks guys,

 - Doug

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From: Robert Myers <rmyers@inetone.net>
To: Doug Johnson <ur-quattro@msn.com>
Date: Monday, September 06, 1999 6:49 AM
Subject: Re: Ur-q front head restraint removal

>If your '83 ur is like the '83 4K I had the trick is that the plastic
>trim piece which fits around the two steel posts which support the head
>rest is actually the releasing mechanism.  There is a slot (there are
>slots?) which will allow you to insert a straight edged tool of some
>like a fairly wide screwdriver blade.  Insert such a tool and rotate
>whole trim ring approximately 1/4 turn.  It is spring loaded and wants
>return to its original position.  Once it is turned far enough the post
>will slip a little higher.  Then do the other side and, hopefully, it
>also release before the first side gets back in again.  The whole head
>restraint simply sides straight up.
>At 05:44 AM 09/06/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>>Patient:  '83 Ur-q w/ leather interior
>>Symptom:  Head restraint cannot be removed from front seats
>>Exam notes:  Restraints can be raise a couple of "notches" on the
>>support posts, but stop fast.  Two screws at the bottom of the trim
>>surrounds the restraint ; purpose unknown.  Seats have sheepskin
>>on them now, so it is apparent that previous surgery _did_ remove
>>subject restraints.  Support post penetrate holes in the sheepskin;
>>do not just slip underneath the restraints.
>>Please help me to remove the head restraints so that I may proceed
>>treatment (Lexol) of the patient.
>> - Doug, Non-A.D. (Audi Doctor)
>>P.S. - Does the rear seatback remove easily?
>   Bob
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