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Re: cracked 2-piece manifold for MC...

In comparision to what?  10 valvers certainly don't have the RS2 manifold as
on option.  Nor is there any other real (or anywhere near affordable) option
out there.  The two-piece certainly gives the 10v an better ability to
breath in the upper ranges.  I guess we could go with the Dialnxy(sp?)
which, for all means has a two-piece flow.  Of course you ave to get past
the wonderful warp factor that it brings to the show.

Custom?  lotsa talk about em, but no real headway in producing them.


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From: Michael Sheridan Williams <mike@urquattro.com>
To: Dave Aukerman <aukdav@wcoil.com>; quattro@audifans.com
Date: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 10:34 PM
Subject: Re: cracked 2-piece manifold for MC...

>Dave Aukerman decided to speak these words:
>>The two-piece has a much better flow rate than the one-piece.
>Ummm....not all that much more really......
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