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Re: Haldex

Matt Rooke decided to speak these words:

>Thanks anyhow, but I want a system that drives all 4 wheels all the time.  
>Shifting torque around
>the way the Haldex does, seems to me to detract from stability, rather 
>than enhance it. (I know,
>there are some situations that have been described where sudden shifts can 
>occur with a
>Torsen when being driven at 10/10).   For me, the Torsen systems, esp. the 
>new ones with
>f/r EDL (for getting un-stuck), are the right prescription.

One thing to remember about this diff.  From what i know from the Haldex 
book, the static ration is 100% computer controlled and can therefore be 
adjusted by the user if the software were to be available.

>But if someone will loan me a TTq for a few weeks, I'll happily try it out 
>objectively ;-)

As far as how it drives...lemme say this, impressive.  I drove the FWD 
TT's, several times actually, and while they were nice, they werent to 
die for as far as driving (style, well, that is another story).  Anyway, 
the first time i took a sharp turn at full throttle in a TTQ i was VERY 
impressed, the amount of grip is very impressive....

Not as great as the UrQ i drive every day, but darn close....


Michael Sheridan Williams
San Francisco, CA
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