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Re: cracked 2-piece manifold for MC...

In my experience. . .purely seat-o-pants meter and watching the tach
actually want to go to redline.  Not the most accurate by a long shot but. .
.as the old saying goes "I don't know what obscene looks like, but I know
what it feels like"

If I'm not mistaken Jeff, you have a two-piece.  Is it still a non-mounted
item?  Maybe if you've got the one-piece off your UrQ or 200tq at the same
time we could finally get some real numbers.  I for one (and others) would
love to finally see some definitive data.

Will the two-piece turn the car into a rocket? No.  It is like many things
we tweak on our cars. . .progress.  How much more power does a 2.5" or 3"
exhaust with freeflow muff. or no cat give?  Who knows.


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>> The two-piece certainly gives the 10v an better ability to breath in the
>upper ranges.
>How do you know this?  Flow bench?  Seat of the pants?  Hearsay?  Just