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Re: Rally Questions

My experience has been that rally organizers are always looking for any
volunteers, usually to help with marshalling.  The downside to that is that
you are stuck in one place for most of the rally.  The upside is that you
get to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes action and meet some great people.

If you just want to spectate, we would always try to snag a stage map and
schedule from either the organizers or one of the teams.  It helps to buy a
good topo map of the area also, if possible.  Going out on your own to watch
the stages is a blast.  I found the organizers usually are very conservative
in what they officially tell spectators to go watch.  If you do go out on
your own, be very, very, very mindful of things like yellow tape across the
road.  It usually means the course is on the other side.  By the way,
spectating is a blast.  Highly recommended.  Try to catch some night stages
if you can, also.

As far as crewing for teams, maybe somebody on the list is racing and would
let you help out.  If you are mechanically inclined, I'm sure your free help
would be appreciated.  I know when we were rallying that we would've loved
to have any help whatsoever, especially from somebody who had some
mechanical skill.

Have fun



Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 03:30:07 -0500
From: Mark Switek <msswitek@pcpros.net>
Subject: Rally Questions


I know there are lots of experiences that will help answer tsome questions
about the SCCA Pro Rally Series. Have thought rallying would be just a
blast and in the past used my rabbits and 4ks for some creative firelane
exploring but other than tv not really exposed to rallying. Having lived in
Northern Wisconsin for some years now I would like to spectate at the Lake
Superior Rally inHoughton the weekend of October 22/23. My questions
revolve around spectatorship or potential involvement. As a spectator what
is expected to be seen? Secondly are there needs for volunteers for
spotting, team assistance, etc? Any input would be helpful.

Mark Switek
92 s4