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Tyre choice for RS2

Dear fellow Q listers,

On a separate note regarding the tyres of my RS2.

I replaced the remaining S-02 Bridgestone with 225/45/17 GoodYear F1.
The car is feeling much better, it is sweeter on the potholes of the road,
you do not hear a "gap" and "clonk" noise when you hit a road bump. Instead
you feel a nice solid rubbery "thonk" which makes you feel certain that the
tyre and rim assembly is not destroyed, bent or broken.

The F1 is a very quiet tyre. Compared to the S-02 is like entering a church
after attending a Heavy Metal concert. It is so much quiter now that at more
than 140 Kph I am getting nervous on hearing the aerodynmic noise of the
roof racks of the RS2.

As for the grip on turns, curves and wet tarmac it is as good as the S-02.
A direct comparison is not possible since the F1 is narrower and taller than
the S-02 but if you are driving and RS2 and want to change your tyres DO
downgrade to 225/45/17.

The overall feeling is much better apart from being an almost legal fitment.


P.S. Does anybody know the tyre and rim size of the RS4? I bet they have
fitter 8 or 8.5 width rims. It is 18' tall for sure.
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Subject: Re: Cryogenically Frozen Rotors

>I saw a portion of a program once ( I might actually have it on tape
>too) on Discovery about a company that freezes items down to absolute
>zero and then warms them back up. According to the show, metal seems to
>be "harder" and more able to endure stress. They mentioned "freezing"
>entire engines for racers, and musical instruments too. In both cases,
>the end users claim better performance from the "frozen" article.
>So, if they are doing it properly, it should be a viable upgrade.
>Jim Calore wrote:
>> Listers -
>> Has anyone out there ever used cryogenically
>> frozen rotors? These guys
>> <http://www.frozenrotors.com/> perform this
>> service, and will also supply the rotors,
>> cross-drill them, and machine gas grooves too if
>> you want. They will also use your rotors.
>> Supposed to greatly increase the life of the
>> rotors too.
>> This outfit was discussed on the Bronco List and
>> Offroad.com, and is used by some serious off-road
>> vehicles.
>> Might be a good option for Audis with unusual
>> rotor designs that you can't find good
>> aftermarket rotors for.
>> - Jim
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