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Re: cracked 2-piece manifold for MC...

> One of the major design differences between the Audi and Dialynx
>  manifold is that the Audi (one-piece) manifold leads the ports to the
>  turbo via three galleries - the Dialynx manifold is just a single cavity
>  emptying all the ports into the turbo.

One interesting thing about this is that the three "galleries" are not all 
the same size ... two are roughly the same and one is a bit smaller.  
Surprisingly, the smaller one handles two cylinders and one of the larger 
ones handles only one, which is the opposite of what intuition (well, *my* 
intuition anyway!) would suggest.

However, a few hours spent grinding -- remember, these manifolds are made of 
iron not aluminum! -- will help equalize things...