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Re: TT "Q" Dumb Question

That's weird, I get a Cummins direct injection camshaft design patent
under 5,622,143. 

> I did find that Audi have patented a new multi-cylinder engine
> Pat#5,622,143 a very interesting read if you want an idea of what they may
> offer us in the future as a host of other tidbits.
> To access this site This site
> provides you with the Abstract,  Claims and Background of the Invention.
> Don
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> Sent:   Thursday, September 09, 1999 12:49 AM
> To:     Quattro (E-mail)
> Subject:        TT "Q" Dumb Question
> Thanks to those who responded and advised me that the TT Quattro isn't a
> true Quattro system but a Haldex system.  I checked and read <yawwwn> what
> I could on the Haldex system and have concluded that the Haldex is an apple
> to orange and not an apple to apple "q" comparison.
> So my dumb question is...then why is the car called an Audi TT Quattro?  Is
> Quattro a Registered Trade Name (yes) an active Patented System (don't no)
> or both?  Keyword being Patent...
> Don
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