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Re: quattro <was TT "Q" Dumb Question>

What about Novell's/Word Perfect's "Quattro Pro?"

On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Ti Kan wrote:

> BrutKobain@aol.com writes:
> > I think that Quattro was a registered trademark for something else from some 
> > other company...cant remember, but I'm pretty sure that's why audi doesnt 
> > have that name.
> This is quite incorrect.  Quattro (Upper or lower case Q) is Audi's
> trademark.  You are probably confusing it with something like Torsen
> or Haldex which are trademarks of other companies.
> > They used "quattro" instead...from all the Audi's i've seen they have all 
> > been lower case Q. is that so on the URQ?
> It has become common practice to use the upper case Q to
> denote the original Audi Quattro (aka urQ).  This is because
> in this case "Quattro" not only implies it's AWD but it's
> also the model name of the car (this despite the lower case q
> on the rear deck decal).  We use the lower case q for all other
> Audis with all-wheel drive because it's a modifier to the model
> (e.g., A4 quattro).
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