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Re: Have you ever been scared of your car?

The only way I would run higher boost in the automatic would be minus WG
spring.  Considering the life of the box at normal boost levels this would
even scare me.  I'm sure the local tranny shop or parts yard will know you
on a first name basis.  Kinda like ordering your fav. food.  "Uhhhh, yeah
I'll have the usual"

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Subject: Re: Have you ever been scared of your car?

>> Show some restraint Jason.  'Cause a week and a half after you shoot that
>>  thing up to 18 psi, your slushbox will be a metal snowcone.
>Actually, based upon my experience with an ex-girlfriend's '90 200, even
>14psi should be enough to accomplish this in two weeks time.  The car had
>on it when the chip went in and 83k on it when the tranny came out...