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Re: 80q wouldn't start, now does!?!?

Sounds similar to a problem I have, which occurs occasionally.

I have a '92 Audi 80 that, for a while, at startup would not respond to the
accelerator.  When feeding fuel, it would stall and possibly die.  If it
had a carb, I'd have sworn it was flooded.  Sometimes I waited it out,
sometimes I shut it off and restarted.  No problems after the second start.

The problem was constant about two months ago, then cleared up.  Signs of
it are beginning to return.

This thing has shown an amazing ability to heal itself:
  - The above problem went away (but may return)
  - A loud gear noise that came and went
  - A noisy fuel pump that has since healed.

Now, if only the dash lights would come back on . . .

At 10:56 PM 9/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>After letting my 175,000 mile 1990 80q sit for a day (wet, rainy, humid, New
>England weather), went out to start it this morning, fired up for a couple
>of seconds, started to back up and it promptly sputtered and died.  Cranked