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Re: IA's "custom" intake manifold for 20v turbos...

DItto for me.  I know him quite well and have been to the "coop" wherer he
keeps his majic. potions.  I have seen many many wonders there but I also
saw the casting molds and the ideas behind it.  
	Nice setupo though, basically as I can see, and remember, and RS-2
intake but the inlet is at the gront of the motor.  Hence less piping
equalls less turbo lag.  :-) :-)
	Always a good thing.
ANyhow, yes, I didn't know MTM had a similar unit and I cant say maybe Ned
didn't get the idea from the;m but it is NOT badge reengineering.  I do
know that.
	L8R all,
		I'm done babbling.

> Anyway, I noticed that his "custom" intake manifold looks an awful lot
> the ones sold by MTM, the difference being an IA logo cast into the top
> instead of the MTM one.  Is this a case of great minds thinking alike or
> simple badge engineering?  Just curious...
I visited Ned last year (on my way to run the Atlantic race in Vancouver)
he proudly showed me the casting molds he had fabricated (outsource) to
his spec.

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