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Re: quattro-digest V1 #400

Peter_Szalay@amat.com wrote:
> I parked my car and enjoyed a nice cafe mocha. I got back into the
> A6 and tried to back out and leave. The car seemed very hesitant to
> move in reverse and it felt as though my emergency brake was on. I
> reset the brake and put the car back into reverse. Same problem so
> I gunned it (BIG mistake). I heard a crunching noise and that is
> when I realised that my front end was caught up on the curb. To cut
> this pathetic story of my driving expertise short, my front bumper
> has been pulled from the car near the bottom and the plastic
> "grille" inserts around the fog lamps popped out. It is a mess but
> I might be able to pop it back on.

i have no idea if insurance will cover it, but rest assured you are
not alone.  several times, when more passengers got in than were in
the car when i parked, that damn air dam/guard has hooked over a curb
and flexed it enough to pop out the foglight grills.  the last time
it happened, just the day before yesterday, the dam broke; just a few
minutes ago i performed a painful surgery of trimming several inches
from the bottom of the thrashed dam and stitching the broken part
back together with a few drilled holes and black nylon ties.  
fortunately, since it is a black car, this interim repair is barely
noticible once i lowered the front down from the stands.

and _no_ this is not just a stupid girl thing.  a good guy friend of
mine broke his 98a6q dam less than a week after he bought it.  at
least i made it a year and a half.

i think it is a crappy design that has the lip stick down so much
that it so easily ratchets up on even a low curb.  i will go buy a
new dam at some point but right now am too disgusted with myself
and the audi designers to do so...

best regards,

valerie at savina dot com