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RE: Audi Germany

Sorry Fred, but living here we can't get the TO edition of the Auto Trader. 
 The edition we get covers the more exotic places like Dogs Nest and 
Rattlesnake Harbor and our local flavor of exotics such as the Grand Am and 
Prelude although I did spot a '84 4000s parts car for sale a couple of 
years ago.

But, the next time you happen see one for sale, send me a note...greatly 


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> >Oh, thanks to all those that responded to my 85 Ur-Q question.
> Still waiting to see one here in Canada.
> Don Muirhead
> '99 A4
> '96 S6
> '86 CGT x 2

    I saw one for sale about 3 months ago in the TO Autotrader, Don - I
think. The ad read something to the effect "1985 Audi Quattro, competition
car, very fast, blah,blah, $10,000".
    The ad included a picture of what I thought was a modified Ur-q. I
remember thinking "Look at those fenders! You could use them for picnic
tables! Who would do that to a Ur-q?"
    The Audi factory, apparently. I saw a photo of a Sport Quattro for the
first time last month.
    Either the car in the Autotrader was a bone fide Sport Quattro, or
someone had gone to a lot of trouble to convert it to look like one.
    But then time (and embarrassment over lost opportunities) does dim
memory. I gather from previous postings that the Sport Quattro is a rare 
valuable beast.

Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km (hey, it's sporty - in a dignified fashion)