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RE: Which years was K24 Turbo.

Gary Lewis wrote:

>DeWitt said;
>> On Fri, 10 Sep 1999 01:38:17 -0700, Misa wrote:
>> >I am looking for a K24 turbo to upgrade my 87 5KTQ. Which years did this
>> >turbo come on the Audis?
>> Depending on your performance criteria, the K24 can be a downgrade.
>> In no way will your car behave as though it has 20 valves with this mod.
>> If you are wanting a stoplight racer, consider a Honda CRX.
>My 88 5kcstq used to regularly beat from a stoplight my buddies stock 91 200
>20vtq (He sold it).  I'm sure that I couldn't hang with a chipped 2.5 bar
>20vt, but running similar pressures, my 88 is more than a match for stock
>200 2vt's.  The car is still not a stoplight racer (although if the other
>guy can't hookup, you rule), but the K24 and chipping the early 5ktq's is
>the only way to go.  Transforms the car completely...

I have to admit I'm on weak ground here due to a shortage of btdt, but
I did qualify my opinion with "Depending on your performance criteria, ..."
Clearly the smaller K24  shifts the power band toward lower rpm and,
as you say, transforms the car. If you are more interested in performance
on the track where the rpm can be kept in the higher ranges, the K26
should provide greater maximum power assuming parity in all other
mods. Apologies to Misa for mentioning adnoH.

DeWitt Harrison
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq
87 635CSi