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Re: IA's "custom" intake manifold for 20v turbos...

>  As I understand it, its basically an RS-2 manifold. Only the Throttle
>  Body is at the front of the car and not the back.  Or something like that,
>  I could be a little off.

Could be ... the July, 1995 issue of Volkswagen Audi car has photos of both 
the RS2 engine compartment as well as the engine compartment of MTM's 428hp 
RSR, if anybody wants to compare photos of the two.

>  Maybe MTM did the same thing.  Copied an already great OEM manifold.

MTM designed their manifold well before the RS2 was even conceived ... 1991 
or thereabouts, as I recall.  They also did the development work for the 
engines SMS used in its "REVO" Coupes back in '92 ... I'll try to dig out the 
article about those cars tonight and see which intake manifold they used.

As for whether MTM copied anybody else's work, this strikes me as unlikely 
since they seem to be the folks that the "other people" turn to for their R&D