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Re: Looking for a good w/c VW list

Thanks, Ti. Both my boys (now bigger than me) and many of their friends
did a substantial number of hours in the drivers seat of this car prior
to getting their licenses, and that was after my mom put 65K on it.
Living at the beach beside LAX did the paint no good, and there were
holes in the roof. It was totalled twice, putting more money in my
pocket than I ever spent on it, if you don't count insurance and gas.
The sport seats are going into my Rab Cab, the stereo too. Kept lotsa
good stuff, and one of the plates (shh, don't tell) to remind me of the
good times. And the LAPD license plate frame.
Hoist a few for it, it was a faithful friend for just 4 months shy of 20
years. How much is that in dog years?

Ti Kan wrote:
> John Larson writes:
> > Sorry, little or no Audi content. My 350K mile 1980 4K, mostly in the
> > family since new, went to the boneyard today.
> I had my moment of silence for your car.  As you know, I have a 80 4K too,
> and it's not going to the boneyard any time soon.
> -Ti
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