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stiff clutch & long travel

Q list,

In my 1989 200 quattro - with MC engine the clutch was replaced a year or so
ago according to maintenance records.  The clutch is however VERY STIFF - in
comparison to my 1986 5000 CD quattro. Also the clutch rides almost 2"
higher than the brake pedal.  Clutch engagement is also at almost fully out
on the travel - at which point my knee almost hits the steering column.
There is no slipping or anything to indicate the clutch is bad but it is
certainly different.

Is it possible that the clutch was changed without the slave cylinder and
the slave is bad?  Any btdt which matches this experience?  All ideas


86 5000CD quattro 355,000 km (for sale $2k US)
89 200 quattro 275,000 km