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RE: Non Starting 100

What happens if you are not married?
Should you get married, to solve the problem?
What if you are gay (CA question), would it work equally well?
Is there another way for the none married (aka single) people?

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If you open the trunk and stand there while your wife turns the key, you'll
hear the pump if it's working.

Kneale Brownson

At 09:41 AM 9/16/99 -0400, Michael  Williams wrote:
>My 89 100 has been sitting for a few weeks due to a fluid leak in the
>power steering. I would start it an let it run for about 20 min usually
>twice a week to make sure everything still worked OK. My last time I did
>this was last Saturday. I had arranged to take it over to the mechanic
>yesterday but when my wife tried to start it, it was a NO GO. The engine
>turned well, plenty of starting power but it just would not start. I
>told the mechanic and his first question was "Do you hear the fuel pump
>working?" I was not listening for it at the time but since this is my
>first Audi I don't know exactly what I should be hearing. If I
>understand correctly the pump is in the fuel tank accesible through the
>trunk?? Is there anything special I should be looking for?, listening
>for?? Any other suggestions??
>Mike Williams