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Re: AC system seals


    AFAIK, one of the mods required to convert a R-12 Denso compressor to
R-134a is to replace the compressor seals and o-rings, so the material
requirements must be different. I don't know if the R-134a seals are good
for R-12.

Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km

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Subject: AC system seals

> What material needs to be used for the O-rings saels on an old York
> compressor? The chemical resistance charts I have show that VITON, BUNA N,
> and EPDM  are all attacked by Freon 12. Teflon shows good to 130 degrees
> What is the recommended material? Any BTDT? What would be compatable with
> R134?
> I'm ready to re-install the AC on the URQ, and need to replace the O-rings
> for some hose connections.
> Dennis Graber