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Re: Compact Spare Sources?

I had to go thru this a few months ago.  My spare literally blew up in
the trunk.  Searched everywhere locally and nobody had the size I needed
(115/70R15).  Very few places had some other donut spares in other
sizes, at mucho $$$$.

Finally called Linda @ Carlsen and even she had a hard time finding
one.  Not available from Audi or any dealer.  To save you the trouble,
it is available, but has to be ordered directly from the manufacturer. 
Mine was sixty something dollars + shipping & handling.  I think she
called Tire Rack who called Dunlop or whoever and that's how I finally
got it.

-Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq

David Ritter <dritter@mich.com> wrote:
> My Ur-q spare tire is really in bad shape, and I need to replace it.
> So far, I haven't been able to locate anything. Does anyone out there
> have one of these? The tire size is 125/70R15, which is different from 
> those I found for another car.