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Re: KKK Website?

>Subject: Re: KKK Website?
>><< I there an official KKK website? >>
>>for "the" KKK maybe ;<)  but not that i saw for KKK turbochargers.
>I'm absolutely amazed that a bunch of backwater "Deliverance" types like 
>the KKK can actually GET a website up...Can you imagine the interview for 
>that position.  Black guy walks in for the job of Webmaster, and the KKK 
>has to lawfully give him a shot at the job...Oh man, the KKK 
>nervous....Love that thought.

Unfortunately, one of the brightest guys I know has a REAL BLIND SPOT when
it comes to acceptance of people with differing melanin levels. His loss,
too; I know a lot of people whose skin tone/ethnic origins/religious
beliefs are quite and sometimes totally different than mine, and my life is
richer for it.

Prejudice makes no sense - people who are otherwise sane, rational, logical
human beings become absolutely non-sane (wording deliberately chosen) on
this issue. Yes, he could put up a web site if he were so minded. No, I
won't introduce him to some of my friends.

In my experience, that fact that people ARE different from one another
makes them interesting.

Audi content: Was in the Caribbean on business last week (gave Floyd two
chances to rain on my parade, got lucky both times). Saw an A-4 on a used
car lot in San Juan, a non-turbo 5000 on Anguilla (how he keeps it running
is beyond me - that's NOT the car to own there), and a very beat up but
still soldiering-on 4000 in St. Martin.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman