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RE: Running the yellow nonsense (was Re: Ticket help)

When you want to seem smart, proofread.  That's all.

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Luis Marques wrote:

> "James M. De Arras" <jmd@westlab.com> wrote:
> > DC *is* the federal government, it is not a part of any of the 50 
> > states! 
> Yea, right.  DC is nothing more than a little poor city that doesn't belong to
> any state and just happens to be where our federal government decided to set
> up shop.  I hardly think the major of DC has any power over foreign policy, or
> domestic for that matter.  Now, the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme
> Court...  those are the federal government.
> > And while I'm at it, "Federal Law", as you put it, has no effect on 
> > any State traffic laws.  There is no "Federal Law" regarding traffic, 
> > speed limits, signs, etc.  It is all purely state-by-state.
> I suppose that's why **ALL** road signs and "traffic control devices" look
> more or less the same in every state??  And why every state has the car
> driving on the right side of the street??  I suppose the federally mandated 55
> mph speed limit in place for something like 20 years was just a mith??
> > The Constitution maks no mention of traffic laws, either.  Other than 
> > to ensure the State's rights to make such decisions for themselves.
> Except when Big Brother deems it neccesary to step in and 'regulate' such
> matters...  I'm sure the Federal Government would just laugh if DC suddenly
> decided to mandate that all of the U.S. cars must have 1ft x 1ft hole on the
> driver's floorpan to better see the potholes when they visit our capital.
> > I assume you missed all this in High School?
> Are you even out of high school?  Or college?  Berhaps a political science
> course is in order...  now let's please go back to the scheduled Audi programming.
> -Luis Marques
> '87 4kcsq