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Re: TAP chip - How would they know?

Lewis, Gary M wrote:
> John said:
> > If one subsequently moved to CA, how would they know whether your car had
> > a
> > modified chip or not?
> >
> >
> Excellent question John.  My Scott Mo chipped ECU has passed CA smog twice,
> once in the 88 5kcstq, once in the 86 5kcst 5sp.  Even if they looked (and
> what kind of knucklehead would except one of us), I can't imagine anyone
> without specific knowledge of an Audi ECU would know what they were looking
> for.

I snogged a qlccv4 (1.8 bar) '88 5kcstq recently. There is no way the
smog place would have any clue that the e-prom is not stock. Perhaps if
they had driven it they would have had their suspicions. It passed just
fine. I'm not sure what would happen if they were to put it on a rolling
road and ran it up to max power. 

How is the load for a rolling road smog determined anyway? A type 44 has
a low cod so it should need lower power to cruise at freeway speed than
say a minivan.