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RE: years of k24

Yet it seems that all the mechanics I've spoken to here in Toronto, Canada
(5) have indicated the 1990 200TQ has a single piece EM.  Not one has seen
the 2-piece on anything after 1988.5.

As far as the Turbo is concerned there is an authorised KKK dealer/repair
centre here in the local area called Bramal http://www.bramall-turbo.com
that has indicated they can modify my k24 with a larger cold side
compressor - full rebuild at a quoted $700 US - pricey but ut indicates that
something like that is certainly do-able.

On another note I was looking at replacing the O2 Sensor but the price is
$270 CDN and I understand that alternate generic three wire Bosch items can
be wired in instead at a fraction of the cost.  Does anyone know the Bosch
part number for this generic three wire O2 sensor?

1990 200TQ

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Dave E writes:
>the hybrid k24/k26 is called the rs2...dave

No.  The RS2 is all k26 turbo.  I've had a couple dozen of RS2 and RS2
Competition turbos apart in the past 6 years.  The hot side is based on the
smallest of the k26 series housings, with a Porsche spec'd hot side wheel,
and the appropriate milling of the housing (which results in a slightly
larger downpipe opening).  The center section is stock audi k26 WC, and the
cold side is a k24 cold side housing with a k26 cold side wheel.  The
RS2/Comp both use the larger k26 shaft for the wheels.  The RS2 Competition
uses a larger cold side wheel and housing, the hot side stays per early RS2.
What throws most folks off, is that KKK left the k24 designation in their
part numbers on the cold side tag.

The actual answer to the years of the k24 cars in the US is up for some
discussion.  The audi "claim" is that as of 1989.5 (late MC dual knock
MAC-14) audi switched to the k24 turbo on all I5 turbo applications.  This
switch also "supposedly" came with a revised cam profile, flat flywheel (+
different TOB fork), and 2pc exhaust manifold.  IME, 1990 was the bastard
year for previous year pieces parts.  I've seen 1990's with single pc
exhaust, k26 turbos (but all have had the flat flywheel and the revised cam

As of 1991 + intro of the 20vt cars worldwide, all audi 20vt (I5 only -
thought I'd miss that:) turbo cars except for the RS2, were k24 based

Maximum boost to the k24 is altitude corrected at 16psi.  At 3200ft the
stock 20vt cars lowered maximum boost threshold to prevent overspin of the
turbo.  You guys with modded 20vt computers with k24 turbos should reread
that last sentence.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
'87 5ktqwRS2comp - modded
'84 URQRS2comp - modded
'87 4Runner turbo