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Re: years of k24

In a message dated 9/18/99 2:28:29 PM Central Daylight Time, 
peterb@mysysltd.com writes:

> Yet it seems that all the mechanics I've spoken to here in Toronto, Canada
>  (5) have indicated the 1990 200TQ has a single piece EM.  Not one has seen
>  the 2-piece on anything after 1988.5.

IME, I've personally gone to grab 3 at various yards, 2 were on 1990's, 1 was 
on a rare 91 10vt.  Ditched all 3 since they had cracks on them.  FYI, ALL 
previous 1989.5< MC cars had the single pc EM installed from the factory.  
FYI II, the single pc manifold is NLA from the dealership network (excluding 
NOS), all single pc manifolds supercede to the 2pc.  Carlsen price is around 
800USD complete (3 pc total, + new studs for the head)
>  As far as the Turbo is concerned there is an authorised KKK dealer/repair
>  centre here in the local area called Bramal http://www.bramall-turbo.com
>  that has indicated they can modify my k24 with a larger cold side
>  compressor - full rebuild at a quoted $700 US - pricey but ut indicates 
>  something like that is certainly do-able.

Be REALLY careful modifying a k24.  The shaft diameter is so small that it 
can't support the extra mass of a larger cold side.  BTDT on the larger cold 
side on a k24.  It lasted all of 1 day and broke the shaft.  From a flow vs 
heat standpoint, I'm not sure the reason for doing a tweeked k24.  If you 
really do your homework on the k24, flow isn't it's big flaw, heat soaking 
from the hot side is.  

For the person who is looking at 24psi out of a k24, not a rumor there, it 
will fail.  For ANYONE to try boost a k24 over 16psi, I'd suggest a Davtron 
guage install pre and post IC to measure any predicted success.  For those at 
any altitude above sealevel, figure 2.1 Pressure Ratio, by 2.3PR you're 
looking at iminent failure.  

Be smart on the k24 guys, it's design isn't performance, it's design is to 
make an I5 feel like a v8.  It does that very well.  For those looking at 
"upgrading" a turbo I5, the minimum is a k26 based turbo.  For those with 
k24's and tweeked boxes, stage I mods are the most you should consider.

My .02

Scott Justusson