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Re: Euro Harness, Glass and Break ins (long)


One error you didn't make is your description of the _low life_ that
violated your Audi.
The scum sucking bottom feeders broke out the right side quarter window to
reach the door lock, and when they couldn't reach that way, they broke out
the right side front window.  I had everything of value in the trunk, but
didn't manually lock the trunk (figuring I would only be a few hours, not
overnight).  That was error number 2.

You will probably save more in insurance premiums, over time, than
represented by this loss. Hope that negates another error (#3).

They ripped off my planner, a 7 yr. old analog cell phone, and my tools.
The cell phone I can replace, the planner I can rebuild, but there was 12
yrs of tools that will be hard to recreate "just the way I want it".  And
like an idiot I had taken off the comprehensive insurance coverage during
the last renewal, so replacement is on me.  Too much of a hit to claim on
homeowner's ins., I already checked.  Error 3.

I think AAA will only tow to the nearest AAA station, will not take you
home. That's their incentive. Does that negate error #4?

Oh, and I'm so used to working on my own cars that I never think about
towing, so it was salt in the wound when my wife remembered we had signed
up for Triple A a few months previous, and the tow back to my house would
have been free.  Error 4.
P.S.  The loser apparently cut himself pretty bad trying to get his arm
through the quarter window, there were drops of dried blood all over the
back door handle and the Bentley in the trunk.  I hope pearl leaves him a
good sized scar!!!

Hope you get the car back in good shape soon so you can forget this horrible
ordeal. Low life vultures are everywhere. One of the great advantages of
having an 86 Audi, to me, has been that I love the car and don't worry about
break-ins like I did when I had a new BMW (broken window at least 3 times a
year ). This SOB has taken that from you and that SUCKS.

86 4KCSQ Daily Driver
86 4KS      Spare