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Re: Audis in movies

Elliott Potter <epotter@abraxis.com> wrote:

>And that's *exactly* the front bumper that I tried to get for my 90.
>Better pictures at http://www.audi.de/cabrio/cabrio_de.html .  Got the
>headlights right, though :)

>Does anyone know the part number for this thing?

TGSWN (The German Software with the Weird Name, to do away with the Family
Album designation) tells us:

(assuming you'd want the bumper for the post-11/92 models-)

895 807 105 AG GRU for a bumper with headlight washers, primered

895 807 105 AF GRU for a bumper without headlight washers, primered

Headlight washers, primered, L-R respectively:

895 807 155 GRU
895 807 156 GRU

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the price. Including our 17.5% sales
tax, the bumper would cost equiv $720 here in Holland.


Zeist, The Netherlands
87 90q NG engine