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Ur-Q ... buyer's market or seller's market?

It appears my comments mocking the $16k asking price for an '83 Ur-Q stuck 
more than a few nerves among the Q-list membership ... to a man, they contend 
that the prices of these cars have been increasing steadily over the past two 
years and that $16k isn't so far-fetched as it once was (or still is, as I 
happen to believe.)

As I'm sure everyone knows, it's hard to get reliable information about the 
sales prices of these cars and condition can account for a big difference in 
the price paid for one car versus another.  Still, I'm curious: Does today's 
Ur-Q market favor the buyer (low and/or stable prices, lots of supply) or the 
seller (high and/or increasing prices, cars in short supply)?

Lastly, one person took me to task for not doing my part to talk these cars 
up more favorably, like there's a Ponzi scheme going on that I'm somehow 
ruining.  Has the Q-list -- or (gasp!!) my comments -- become so influential 
of late that the market for Ur-Qs can be materially affected by the 
discussions that take place in this forum?

Just curious what other people think...