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Re: '83 Ur-Q for sale...

> If rarity of the car is driving factor then the 1991 200tqw should still
> fetching low $30's, which it is not.  Production figures on these cars, I
> believe are around 175 total in the US.  Hmmmmm, makes the UrQ look like >
a belly button car (everyone has one).

Actually, this is completely wrong. If you are talking about '83 urqs then
you are correct, 240, according to AoA, were imported. Which is more than
the number of '91 200tqws that were important (the 175 sounds about right, i
used to have an email with the figures but I lost it)  But if you are
talking about Jeff's car-  an '85 then there are 73! Not much of a belly
button. Still doesn't fetch ($) much but it is a rarity.


#s taken from: http://www.mindspring.net/~audidudi/AoAltr2.gif