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RE RE: '83 Ur-Q for sale...

I wouldn't know an Ur-Q if it bit me on my bumper.

But to me a 15+ year model with limited importation into the US warrants 
some additional value especially if it is low mileage and in "good" shape. 
 How much?  Only a professional appraisal firm will be able to resolve this 

An appraisal establishes a benchmark to which all other 
owners/buyers/sellors of a particular model can use to establish a market 
price for their car.  Has anybody on the List done this with their Ur-Q?

But that's just my thoughts.


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> If rarity of the car is driving factor then the 1991 200tqw
> should still be
> fetching low $30's, which it is not.  Production figures on
> these cars, I
> believe are around 175 total in the US.  Hmmmmm, makes the
> UrQ look like a
> belly button car (everyone has one).
I don't think that this was being argued upon import numbers alone ...

... for other than those who are aficionados, there really isn't that much
to differentiate the 3B 200q from any other 5000/100/200 before it ...

I would suggest that there is a bit more of a draw for the ur-q just 
of what it is.  Yes, there may have been more imported from 1982-1986, but
how many are still on the road?  How many of those have not been modified 
some significant way?  The quattro turbo coupe does have a bit of a look
that makes it attractive, even though it is a 20 year old design.

I've had people come up to me at gas stations and in parking lots asking me
if my QTC is for sale.  That has not yet happened to me even once in the 
which, here again based on import numbers would demand a premium over the
'91 200q (for the 5-speed at least).  That said, I don't expect the 
fan to think my car is anything other than a stock type 44 ...

... I'm not fooling myself into thinking that I could get anywhere near 
sort of money for my car, but I can't say I'd label anyone who asked that
much for their car foolish ... perhaps they really don't want to sell the
car _that_ much.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

P.S. - are there any official import numbers on the '91 200q?  I've got to
believe that based on the number of cars I've seen myself that there's
likely to be more than 175 of them imported ...