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Re: '83 Ur-Q for sale...

>From what I have seen in the papers, there would have to be more that 175
200q's in the United States.  I have saw about 15 for sale in the past year
or so.  Auto trader shows 5 for sale around the country.

MI     $8900
NY    $8500
PA     $9450
CO   -------
GA    $9995

For there only being 175 in the country that seems like a lot for sale in
one paper.  Not impossible but not probable.


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Date: Monday, September 20, 1999 6:35 PM
Subject: Re: '83 Ur-Q for sale...

>I'd like to know the number of '91 200q's as well. I wouldn't mind know the
>number of '90 90q20v's either. Finally, I REALLY would like to know just
>many '85 urq's are still on the road. Speaking of my '85 urq, Jeff G, did I
>ever mention that I did buy the very last left side head light frame in
>North America? I also bought the second to the last right side.
Disclaimer -
>I may have 'em mixed up. Either way I got the last one for one side.