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Re: 1989 100 FWD PS Pump

Audi offers pwr steering rebuild kit:


is the part for my '89 100, not sure if it applies to all Audi PS pumps.

$39.18US was the price I was quoted.

>From: Greg Johnson <gregsj@iea.com>
>To: Geoff Forshag <gforshag@lemaster-daniels.com>,        Quattro List 
><quattro@audifans.com>,        northwest audi enthusiasts 
>Subject: 1989 100 FWD PS Pump
>Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 21:20:51 -0700
>Fellow Audians;
>My buddy Geoff Forshag wrote:
> >I'm looking for a power steering pump rebuild kit.  Any ideas?
>Can anyone help out there.  TIA for you help and collective wisdom.

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