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Re: '83 Ur-Q for sale...

> Finally, I REALLY would like to know just how many '85 urq's are still on 
the road.

This information *can* be bought but it's not cheap ... anyone interested in 
splitting the cost with me?  I'm guessing a nationwide search of DMVs will 
run $200 or so.

>  Speaking of my '85 urq, Jeff G, did I ever mention that I did buy the very 
last left side head light frame in
>  North America? I also bought the second to the last right side. Disclaimer 
>  I may have 'em mixed up. Either way I got the last one for one side.

Damn ... I knew I shouldn't have waited.  For those who don't know, these 
headlight bezels were delivered only on the US-spec '85 Ur-Qs and nowhere 
else in the world.  The odds of Audi ever making another batch of them as 
spares for the 73 Ur-Qs imported that year are nil.  I guess this means I'll 
have to buy a set of euro lights now and put my pair in storage ... damn!  :^(