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4kq suspension.

Well, it is time to re do the suspension on my 85 4ksq. I have been doing
a lot of research, and it looks like I have three choices: H&R; B&G; and
Jamex. Any thoughts from listers? I understand the Jamex are not much
stiffer than stock. I have H&Rs on my VW GTI, and I know they are nice. I
have never heard of B&G, but they are TUV approved...

What I would really like to do is get springs that are stiffer but DON'T
lower the car. Any chance of that?

Finally, the prices of Bilstein HD and SPorts are almost exaclty the
same. Benefits of one over the other?

Thanks, guys. Please cc: me directly as I am a digest lister (not "I
digest listers.")
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