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RE: 4kq suspension.

This was my goal when re-doing the suspension on my '87 4kcsq.  I ended up
with a coil over kit from Todd Candey. When I talked to eibach about their
springs I was told "We don't make performance springs, we make lowering
springs." I kept thinking of that "looks Cool" ad and decided I didn't want
"Cool Look" I wanted Cool Performance.

Incidentally, improved tire wear seems a side benefit of the stiffer
suspension. Anyone else notice this? Looking at the tires on my son's '85
4kq I notice all 4 tires are worn on the inside. At first I suspected poor
alignment (too much neg. camber) then got to thinking about how he drives
the river road through the canyon. Could his driving style cause that wear
behavior? I'm thinking body roll, compressing the springs on the outside
which results in additional neg. camber.


> What I would really like to do is get springs that are
> stiffer but DON'T
> lower the car. Any chance of that?