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RE:RE: Marketing misconceptions

Dave E writes:
>i passed a mitsibushi evo today and there, emblasoned in the rear window was
>the script "full time awd".  nope, not by the standards we're using here.
>where is the marketing?

Incorrect, sir.
Dave, you seem to be missing some information in your vast collection of 
'white paper'.  For understanding of the mitsu system, you need to do some 
research on the character and design of the Viscous Coupling Differential 
Lock (Mitsubishi calls it Center differential and Viscous Couple AWD).  In 
deference to the "marketing" of the haldex, this is full time awd system.  
Mitsubishi actually published a guide to the concept of part time vs full 
time awd, including the competitions versions.  

Regarding computer differential control.  The problem with a 50/50 locked 
center during a turn, is that you have understeer all the time.  What might 
be better, is a rear wheel drive car with a front haldex, giving a better and 
totally computer controlled oversteer character during turning, with slight 
understeer at the limit (fully locked).  Heaven help audi if the boys at the 
Roundel figure this hang-on clutch thing in a more traditional performance 
oriented concept to traction and turning.

My .02

Scott Justusson