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Lowered 80 has a bad case of "bump steer":-(

    After milling through the archives I now know what bump steer is.  My
lowered 80 has a bad case of bump steer at high speeds, only on those bumpy
NY highways.  I hit some of the freshly paved stuff and the car is like
butter, which makes me very happy.  Bump steer isn't nice, but it's the
price I have to pay for the beauty of a -60mm car.  I absolutely love the
way the car looks, well would be happier if I had the cash for detailing,
but anyhoo I guess that lowering isn't the way to do it.
    That brings me to the problem that my 80 stock height is too high for me
tolerate.  I hate the way it looks, I really didn't like the way it handled
at all, except there was no bump steer on the highways and biways.  What can
I do, leave the Koni yellows and get a slightly less extreme lowering
    Would I be the happiest with H&R Coil-overs?  Friend in Germany loves
his H&R's and sets them at -40mm.  He hits 150mph everyday, but then again
Germany has nicely paved roads in his area.  Lower NY state has a problem
with smooth roads, they don't exist.
    What about race cars though, aren't they scraping the ground?  Like the
German touring car series Audis, they look like they would be around -90mm.
Those cars have bump steer problems or are their suspension setups
specifically made for lowered positions?


Alexander van Gerbig
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