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RE: Why?

So Phil...what was the final appraisal?


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I spent today appraising a car to be purchased by a UK Club member.

An "Amethyst Grey Pearlescent S2 Avant".  8C Avant chassis with ABY
engine - registered in 1994 but 1995 model year, 62k miles, GBP14k.

Nice.  Rear bumper a little crushed, front right fender lifted and
pushed back about 1mm, bodywork otherwise OK.  Lowered about an inch
on progressive yellow-coloured springs (any ideas?) and with nasty
(sorry, folks) BBS split rims.

Otherwise - fine.  No codes from the ECU, immaculate engine bay, no
bodges anywhere.  Service history a bit thin - records of visits but
not what was done.  Timing belt not yet changed (service book
recommends 80k miles) and the inter-cam chain rattling just a bit.

And the hydraulic system is filled with ATF!

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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