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URQ sorting out

This afternoon I was checking the wiring to the fuel press. reg. and noticed 
that the connector for the inj cooling fan was the same. The color code of 
the 2 connectors does not match the Bentley.
What I have is;
                Connector 1- [green color] Red/bl, Br, Br
                Connector 2- [gray color]  (small gauge) GY/y, (lg. gauge) 
GY/y, Br 
What readings should the PR get under what conditions?
The regulator also has 2 vacuum ports. The tubing is teed together, and 
attached to a thermo switch on the head, just below plug #5. The other tube 
from the thermo switch is attached to the IM. Shouldn't the 2 ports on the PR 
be separated?