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RE: URQ sorting out

> This afternoon I was checking the wiring to the fuel press. 
> reg. and noticed 
> that the connector for the inj cooling fan was the same. The 
> color code of 
> the 2 connectors does not match the Bentley.
> What I have is;
>                 Connector 1- [green color] Red/bl, Br, Br
>                 Connector 2- [gray color]  (small gauge) 
> GY/y, (lg. gauge) 
> GY/y, Br 
> What readings should the PR get under what conditions?
> The regulator also has 2 vacuum ports. The tubing is teed 
> together, and 
> attached to a thermo switch on the head, just below plug #5. 
> The other tube 
> from the thermo switch is attached to the IM. Shouldn't the 2 
> ports on the PR 
> be separated?

... remember that Bentley doesn't have a wiring diagram for the '83 model
... let me go and look at my car ... 

My car matches the Bentley on the Control Pressure Regulator ... Red/Wht and
The jury is still out on the inj cooling fan, Bently says Red/Brn and Brn
... I thought I saw Red/Blk and Brn.  

As far as the vacuum hoses go, your car sounds just like mine ... which
matches the vacuum routing sticker on the hood and the diagram in the IST
documents ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)