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RE: More on S1

Jouko writes:
>I've asked the tor*en question form Hannu, and he ran the S1 with it.  He
>also mentioned Walter not being real happy with it, especially on loose
>surfaces.  I seem to recall Hannu saying that he ran two rallys with the
>tor*en centre, and Walter ran one.  I wonder what center diff Hannu's newly
>acquired S1 from Sutton has?  :^)

Jouko, according to my documentation, Mikkola *could have run* torsens in 
both the  two WCR competitions he ran the S1.  The question to ask though, 
is, did he ever run an S1 without it.  Cuz if he did, he couldn't have run 2 
with.  (I might also raise the point, that a DNF is a DNF, regardless of 
equipment)  According to WCR rally results, Mikkola only ran the S1 at 1000 
Lakes in Aug 1985 (DNF -loss of oil) and Monte Carlo in Jan 1986 (3rd).  At 
RAC Nov 1985 he ran a sport quattro, not an S1 (DNF - electrics)

>If rumors turn out to be true, I'll be seeing him soon at an Audi-esque
>event at a track soon - I'll feel dumb but I'll pop the Tor*en questions at
>him again.  The cars are A4 supertouring cars with diffs (heh), but
>interestingly enough, last year sometime, pushing one out of the shop the
>first time with the rear up in the air, I could not help but notice that the
>diff gear ratio is longer in the rear (numerically higher) by some visible
>margin...Jouko Haapanen

Interesting, the documentation on the A4's is pretty well documented.  VC 
center diff of either 40-60, 35-65 or 45-55, 35/65 the least used, 40/60 the 
most. VC front and rear remained untouched bias ratio throughout the season 

I'm really interested in Mikkolas thoughts on the torsen, given my interview 
with Stig.  I certainly think we might be closer to the actual truth be known 
here, though.  

History since groupe B is well documented however, locked diffs ruled all 
Audi rally private entries since 1987.  Whatever the politics/bonus/spin the 
AS boys did on the S1.  Bottom line:  The S1 only ran in 4 rallyes with 2 
cars, Mikkola and Rohrl.  Out of those 4 = 1 win, 2 DNF's and a 2nd/3rd 
(Monte Carlo 1986 Mikkola/Rohrl respectively behind Lancia-1 and Peugeot-2).  
One can easily argue Peugeot (205T16 = 12/16 rallyes won, vs audis 2/17 
combining SQ = 1 win and S1=1win) dominated WCR since it's debut in 1985, 
competing with either the sport and/or the S1, regardless of center diff 
used.  Even buying the best of the best drivers, audi lost domination with 
the introduction of the 205 and the Lancia awd B's.

My own thinking is that since the S1 has so little history, it's really a 
trivia contest more than anything on what was used in the center diff.  Given 
Stig assured me that the SQ he used for the Ivory Coast win 1984 was locked 
f/c/r, that only leaves 1 win open for torsen debate, Walter at San Remo 
1985.  Given WR abilities, I'm convinced he could have run the torsen, and 
still won.  Interesting given your comments above though, we know both S1 PP 
cars were locked centers.

Scott Justusson